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Build a Campfire

At our campsites we believe in real camping and wild glamping. But is it really camping if you don’t have a fire? We don’t think so, campfires are certainly allowed here. 

As well as providing you with warmth, a campfire also provides you with your entertainment and food for the trip. You can cook a delicious meal on a campfire. Bake some potatoes in the coals, sizzle some sausages over the grill, toast those all important marshmallows.

Campfire cooking and recipes

It’s the perfect spot to sit and catch up with friends and family. Share stories as you listen to the crackle of fire. Enjoy the company of those around you with nothing but the flickering of the flames to distract you.

Building the perfect campfire takes time, it allows you to slow down. To worry about nothing but getting the wood to catch alight. When those sparks start to take and flames start to dance, you can delight in what you have achieved.

campfires allowed at the campsite

It’s all part of the experience here, which is why we only have campsites that allow fires. Here are our tips for building a campfire on your own camping trip.

Step One – Choose a campsites with fires

This sounds like an obvious one but it is sometimes hard to come by. Many campsites do not allow campfires, so check ahead and make sure you’ve chosen the right one. 

Step Two – Preparation, preparation, preparation

Make sure you have everything you need at hand. You’ll need kindling, firewood, a lighter and tinder(we recommend old newspapers or cardboard). We sell kindling and firewood on site and provide matches and tinder so have no fear if you’re staying at one of our sites.

Step Three – Choose your shape!

Lots of people go for the pyramid shape for campfires but we prefer the grid or lattice as it’s a little more stable.  Place two logs parallel to each other in your fire pit – close enough together to balance pieces of kindling across them. Tear a few sheets of newspaper in to smaller pieces, scrunch into loose balls and lay in between the two logs. Lay two or three pieces of kindling across the two logs, over the newspaper – making sure you leave gaps between them. Make a second layer by placing two or three more pieces of kindling at a 90 degree angle to the first layer and continue for a couple more layers.

How to build a campfire

Step Four – Light and feed your fire

Light the newspaper in a couple of places and watch it burn, this will happen quickly. You’re looking for your kindling grid to light up – so feed more newspaper to your fire if needed. Once the kindling is burning, you can start feeding the fire with logs. Start small and build up to larger logs once your fire is roaring.

Step Five – Marvel at your handy work. Cook. Relax. Enjoy.

Here’s our video tutorial on how to light a campfire

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