What to take camping – ten things you won’t want to leave at home

When you are considering what to take camping there is a lot to think about. It’s all-too-easy to forget about some of the things that can make your life easier. Take a look through our list of things it’s easy to forget below. If you’re coming glamping at one of our Sussex woodland luxury campsites, we provide a lot of the equipment you’ll need for a week or weekend under canvas. So you may be able to tick off some of the list already.

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Tent pegs

If you’ve remembered the tent but forgotten the tent poles or pegs you won’t get very far when you’re camping. In fact, it’s a good idea to set your tent up in the back garden before you set off to make sure you’ve got all the elements. However, if you’re staying in one of the pre-erected bell tents at Wild Boar Wood or Beech Estate Campsites you won’t have to worry about pegs and poles – it’s all here for you.

A torch

You really can’t live without a torch when you’re camping – especially at our off-grid woodland campsites.

Washing up liquid, sponges and tea towels

No one forgets the food but no one wants to think about the washing up before the first campfire dinner. As a result, people often forget the cleaning essentials. If you’re staying in one of our bell tents you won’t need to worry about bringing a sponge scourer or washing up liquid. But you will need a tea towel, it’s one of those things that are often forgotten.

Salt and sugar

The little things can make all the difference so if you take sugar in your tea and coffee you’ll want to remember to bring some with you. Likewise a pinch or two of salt to bring out the flavour of your campfire dinner.


It’s hard to cook on the campfire without it and it can be he basis of a simple salad dressing.

Raincoats and wellies

No one wants to think about the possibility of rain during their camping trip but this is changeable old Britain and even if the sun is shining when you set off you can never guarantee that the good weather will hold out. Make like a scout and come prepared!

Roll mats

No one wants to sleep on the cold, hard ground (do they?!) so a roll matt or inflatable mattress is essential. Not only does it help cushion you from those lumps and bumps but it will help insulate you against the cold and damp. We hate to keep banging on about our bell tents but if you’re staying in one of them, the roll mat is another thing you can leave at home. Each tent has a comfortable double memory-foam mattress on a futon-style bed base and fold out foam beds for kids or extra adults.


Okay so perhaps they are not an essential but if you come to our woodland campsites you are “glamping” after all. While we’ll provide your mattresses. But if a pillow is essential for your perfect night sleep you had better bring one with you.

Candles and lanterns

Torches are essential for navigating your way around unfamiliar territory. But when you’re relaxing outside your tent the glow of candles and lanterns give off a lovely light and add to the atmosphere. Empty jars make good candleholders and can be reused and recycled afterwards. Don’t forget matches or a lighter too.

A corkscrew

For some this may be the most important thing of all! If relaxing with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer is your idea of camping heaven then don’t forget the corkscrew or bottle opener. Otherwise you’ll have a frustrating half hour! Of course, our bell tents are equipped with all the basics you’d have in your kitchen drawers – cork screw included.

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Don’t forget wellies and waterproofs!

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