What is glamping?

Glamorous camping explained

Glamping is a hybrid of the words glamorous and camping. Choose a “glampsite” and you can expect a few more luxuries than are traditionally associated with camping. You won’t need to pitch your own tent. You’ll probably have a bed or futon to sleep on and you can expect the facilities at the campsite to be more akin to a bed and breakfast than a traditional campsite: hot showers, towels and toiletries are standard.

It’s unlikely that the tents and accommodation you’ll find at a glampsite will be traditional A-frame tents. Instead you can expect something a little more spacious and luxurious: bell tents, yurts or tipis are commonplace. Often the type of tents you would like to buy but probably can’t afford. Many glamping sites also offer accommodation in structures that are slightly more sturdy like shepherds’ huts, treehouses and gypsy wagons.

Bell tent glamping at Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate Campsites

One of our wild glamping bell tents in the bluebells

Our ‘wild glamping’ experience

At Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate Campsites our unique experience has meant that we have had to come up with a new term for our type of glamping: “wild glamping”. It’s perfect for people who want a real outdoors and back-to-basics experience but don’t fancy pitching their own tent – or sleeping on uneven ground. You won’t find silk sheets, hair dryers or a butler service at our Sussex glampsites. Instead you’ll find pre-erected bell tents with a double futon and fold-out beds as well as all the cooking equipment, cutlery and tableware you’ll need for your stay. Each of our bell tents is pitched in among the trees on level ground or a platform off the forest floor and each has its own picnic table, camping chairs, fire pit and grill. The “wild” part of our experience comes from our insistence on keeping things simple.

Our campsites, near Haywards Heath and Battle are off grid, which means nowhere to charge your phone, iPad or laptop ensuring that you have the chance to get away from the pressures of modern life and enjoy the natural surroundings. At night the site is lit only by campers’ torches, candles and firelight. We encourage our campers to enjoy the simple pleasures of campfires and, in addition to firepits, we provide each bell tent camper with a firewood allocation to help them get started.

Bell Tents at Wild Boar Wood

Glamping Facilities

In line with our green philosophy of living lightly on the land, our Beech Estate Campsite has custom-built composting toilets and we encourage campers to use our bucket showers at both sites which remind campers to limit their water usage. The site also has regular showers attached to the mains supply and flushing toilet for those who prefer modern conveniences. At Wild Boar Wood we have flushing toilets, but showering is in our (hot water) bucket showers. You’ll find biodegradable shower gel, washing-up liquid and soap provided so there’s no need to bring your own.

Glamping bucket shower at the Sussex campsites

Our Bucket Showers

Everything provided for you

In fact, all you’ll need to bring for your “wild glamping” experience is bedding, food, drink and torches or candles.  Which means it’s an easy getaway for some time in the wild. Take a look at our kit list for more details on what we provide and a comprehensive list of what to bring.

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Coronavirus Update

Based on Government guidance we have opened both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites on July 4th, 2020. *** Please note any new bookings made after July 6th, 2020 until further notice, that are unable to commence due to Government guidance regarding COVID-19, will be offered credit notes for 18 months. This applies to booking made directly on our website only. ***