The Incredible Benefits of Camping

We’re not just talking about the standard benefits of being on a holiday and away from work. We’ve all heard for the past few years of the benefits of getting outdoors more. Switching off our phones and getting fresh air. Camping makes all these things so easy, gives you a bit of an adventure (which is good for the soul) and time away from all the worries of our everyday lives. Read on to find out the incredible benefits of camping.

It makes you happy

It’s proven that spending time around trees makes you take in more oxygen. This in turns makes you release more serotonin, also known as the happy chemical. We all know that the air pollution levels in cities such as London and Brighton are high. Just a few days camping and you’ll feel the benefits of the extra oxygen and low levels of pollution.

Trees - benefits of camping

Both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites are set in woodlands, no wonder our campers are always so happy!


With friends, family and nature. It is impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing people with their faces glued to their phones. Getting away from technology and out into nature gives you chance to put down the technology and take in everything else around you. Some studies have shown that habitual involvement with mobile phones affects our ability to think, remember, regulate emotion and pay attention. Get away from that for a camping weekend and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and more connected.

Reconnecting with friends when camping

A good nights sleep

No Netflix to watch until the early hours. No facebook to scroll through until your eyes droop. Your only distractions will be the twinkling of the stars and the crackling of the campfire. You’ll likely end up going to bed earlier and waking with the sun feeling much more refreshed. A great benefit of camping!

Good sleep when camping


You may be a regular gym goer, or perhaps not. Either way you will get more exercise when camping than you realise. You’ll be walking more, moving around the campsite and campfire, exploring the forest and generally just being more active. We all know that exercise is good for our bodies and there is more and more research to prove how good it is for our mental health too. That’s a two in one benefit of camping!

Woodland walking at the campsite

Vitamin D

Without even thinking about the physical benefits (for these see the NHS website here) of being in the sun and soaking up some Vitamin D, we all know that being in the sun makes us happy! Who doesn’t love waking to a blue sky and bright sunshine? When you’re camping you’ll be doing so much more outside than you would in your normal life. Cooking breakfast, showering, even just ‘hanging out’ is done outside, just think of all the goodness that Vitamin D is doing for you. Please just remember to wear sun protection!

Dad and child in the sun at the campsite

Growth through challenges

We’re not talking about climbing mountains or facing wild animals. Just the simple thinks like cooking over a campfire, problem solving a leaky tent, or even putting up the tent in the first place. All of these things lead to us being more creative and more capable people. If you haven’t started a campfire yourself before, just give it a go. The sense of achievement is a great feeling.

Lighting the campfire

If you need even more reasons to go camping then check out our campsites in Sussex, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist.

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