Ten of the best camping Dutch oven recipes

Dutch oven recipes

Dutch ovens are cast iron cooking pots and offer a great way to make a campfire dinner as an alternative to a barbecue during a camping trip. During the last few months as a warden at our Wild Boar Wood Campsite I have been learning and researching recipes to make the most of the Dutch ovens and am amazed at what you can make in them. Here’s my pick of Dutch oven recipes…

Dutch oven recipes

Dutch oven bread

1. Dutch-oven bread

Yes – you can make a loaf of bread on a campfire! You just need a Dutch oven to do it. Make a simple bread dough with flour, water, sugar, salt, and a little oil. Raise a foil tray off the base of the Dutch oven by placing it on top of some stones and then place your dough on your make-shift baking tray. Put the lid on your Dutch oven and place it on over some charcoal or embers – then put twice as many on top of the lid as below. You will need to replace the charcoal or embers every 10-15 minutes to keep the temperature up. I used the Dutch Oven Dude website for advice on baking for my first loaf and it turned out a treat.

2. Chilli

Hot, filling, hearty and wholesome: there’s nothing like a campfire chilli and it can be as simple or as involved as you like. Use your own tried and tested recipe but let the flavours develop in the Dutch oven or try Jamie Oliver’s cowboy-style speciality.

3. Mountain man breakfast

One of our campers suggested this hearty breakfast recipe – can’t wait to try it out!

Dutch oven recipes

Dutch oven pizza

4. Dutch-oven pizza

We’ve learned that you can cook anything in a Dutch oven – including delicious pizza! The one pictured above was made by one of our campers who brought homemade dough to the site and baked her pizza with our help. Just follow the instructions for baking bread but shape it and size it as a pizza base and bake for 20 minutes before adding toppings and cooking for a further 20 minutes.

5. Cassoulet

Beans and sausages are classic cowboy grub, perfect for cooking in the Dutch oven and guaranteed to fill the stomachs of hungry campers.

Dutch oven recipes

Blackberry upside-down cake

6. Blackberry upside-down cake

If you’re cooking outside – why not make the most of nature’s bounty and use some foraged food in your cooking? Try this blackberry upside-down cake for starters – number two in our list of blackberry recipes.

7. Bacon spuds

The ingredients list does not extend far past the title but with campfire food sometimes simplicity is best. Dutch oven dude’s way with words when describing campfire cooking practices has also tickled our fancy.

8. Chapattis

One of the great things about Dutch ovens is that you can use the lid of the cooking pot as a separate pan. We use the lid to cook chapattis on sometimes – turning it upside down on a grill over the fire. At the same time you can use the main dish to cook a curry or stew to eat with the flat breads.

9. Cinnamon rolls

If you have a sweet tooth, this all American recipe is too tempting not to try.

10. Beef stew with dumplings

An all-in-one stew cooked in the Dutch oven is a great campfire dinner. Try the recipe above but instead of serving with mashed potatoes add a couple of potatoes to the stew itself with a little extra water to make a one-pot-meal.

You can hire Dutch ovens at Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites.

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