September glamping and camping

In Sussex we are often treated to a late Indian Summer in September, so it really can be a wonderful time to get away for a September glamping and camping trip.

Glamping in September at Wild Boar Wood campsite in Sussex

Glamping in September

There are so many benefits to having a later holiday (or a second glamping break!) and here’s just a few of them:

  • Be the envy of your friends! They’ve already been on holiday and now have the long slog til next year, you can tease them with photos of your late September glamping stay.
  • It’s quieter. Most of the kids are back at school and things have just started to slow down. A great opportunity to retune yourself in nature.
  • It’s not ‘too hot’. We wait months for summer and then when it hits we complain it’s too hot.  September generally sees highs of around 19 degrees, the perfect temperatue to still enjoy a campfire without getting hot sweats.
  • Local attractions are quieter. It’s not just the campsite where you’ll find peace. Get out and about in the countryside, the local country pub or attraction and you’ll find a chilled vibe here too.
  • Changing colours. It’s a beautiful time of year to see the seasons begin to change. The sunsets at this time of year are some of the best.

September glamping in Autumn

September Glamping Tips

Of course, the evenings can be a little chillier, all the better for enjoying your campfire. But if you’re worried about keeping yourself and/or the kids warm, check out our blog on how to stay warm when camping!

Blackberries – Take a little tub or basket and enjoy a foraging trip collecting the juicy blackberries that are around during a September glamping break. Take them back to camp for a delicious blackberry cobbler or pop a couple of berries in your g&t for a bit of flavour! Check out some of our favourite blackberry recipes here.

Prefer to camp in September?

Not a problem! Head on over to our sister campsite, Beech Estate in East Sussex, where we have camping and glamping options for you!

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