How to use a rocket stove

At Pegs and Pitches campsites, we really encourage you to get back to basics and have a go at campfire cooking. There’s nothing better than a delicious meal cooked outside on fire, but sometimes when you just want a quick cuppa or a bacon sarnie, you need something a little quicker! This is why all of our bell tents are equipped with a rocket stove. But what is a rocket stove and how do you use one?

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What is a rocket stove?

What is a rocket stove? - Beech Estate Campsite in Sussex

A rocket stove is a portable, eco friendly stove which is ready to use in seconds. Rocket stoves use kindling rather than gas and get to heat much quicker than a campfire. Rocket stoves are perfect for boiling water or cooking up a quick snack. The particular stoves we like (Horizon Rocket Stoves) use a gasifying technology to give a complete burn, meaning super-low carbon emissions and a very efficient stove that runs on just a handful of fuel. Rocket stoves also burn smokeless, which means no more changing seats around the campfire to avoid a facefull of smoke!

How to use a rocket stove

It really couldn’t be more simple! The science behind rocket stoves means they are lit and hot within mere minutes. It takes just 15 minutes to boil 5 litres of water on only 250g of wood.

Child learning how to use a rocket stove

So here’s how to use your rocket stove:

  • Place a small amount of kindling and a natural fire lighter in the chamber
  • Light the firelighter
  • Watch it burn!

It really is that easy. You’ll need to keep on top of the fuel and add kindling when it’s needed but you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time!

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