Glamping for Grandparents – ‘gramping’

It’s not every day we get enquiries for glamping for grandparents but it is happening more and more as generations and trends change. Any why not? A recent study showed that Grandparents found that spending time with their grandchildren keeps them feeling young. Add that to the huge benefits of spending more time outside and we’re on to a winner. 

Glamping bell tent at Beech Estate Campsite

So why choose glamping for grandparents?

It takes things back to basics

Our campsites are off grid, which means no worrying about the high tech stuff or how to charge the grandchildrens new iphone. Choose a glamping bell tent on your grandparents camping trip and you won’t even need to put up a tent. 

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More quality time with the grandkids

The kids won’t be able to stare at their ipads and tablets on a camping trip at our campsites  – we have no electricity for one thing! Camping with grandparents will give them a chance to reconnect with you one to one and spend time exploring, relaxing and just being together. 

glamping for grandparents at Wild Boar Wood campsite in Sussex

It gets you outdoors more

In 2015, a YouGov survey found less than one in ten British children have access to natural areas compared to 40% of adults when they were younger. Let’s face it, the majority of us spend too much time inside. Kids these days are more interested in playing on new consoles than exploring the local woodland. The older generation spend far less time outdoors than they ever have. Spending a weekend in the woodland will get you all out into the fresh air, it’s invigorating. Good for the mind, body and soul. 

Saves costs on holidays

A glamping for grandparents break is a very reasonable way to take the kids away. No need to book flights, no huge restaurant bills and no need for you to go far. Both of our campsites are around an hour from London and near to Brighton/Hastings and the South coast. Prices are from £75 per night so they’re the perfect location for grandparents that want to try glamping, without breaking the bank. 

You can make your own entertainment

Whether it be singing around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, going on a bug hunt or telling ghost stories. There are so many ways to entertain the grandkids on a glamping or camping trip.

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Chance to teach the kids about nature and wildlife

A 2015 poll undertaken by the Wildlife Trusts showed that 71% of children had never seen a lizard in the wild in the UK, 53% had never seen a flock of starlings and 37% had never seen a hedgehog. Help change this by enouraging the kids to get outside with you on a glamping trip. Our woodlands are full of wildlife that’ll excite them and get them interested. Be it a noisy Great Spotted Woodpecker, a beautiful Barn Owl or the friendly Robin, you are bound to spot some wildlife during a glamping stay with us. 

Wildlife spotting when glamping with grandparents at Wild Boar Wood

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Coronavirus Update

Based on Government guidance we have opened both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites on July 4th, 2020. *** Please note any new bookings made after July 6th, 2020 until further notice, that are unable to commence due to Government guidance regarding COVID-19, will be offered credit notes for 18 months. This applies to booking made directly on our website only. ***