Camping recipes – ideas for your next camping trip

All that fresh air when your camping can make you hungry so food can be a real focus. There’s nothing quite like cooking over an open fire and eating alfresco. At our glamping sites in Sussex we encourage campfires and each pitch has its own firepit and grill. We’ve racked our brains and scoured the internet for some of the best camping recipes so take a look and plan your next campfire dinner.

Camping recipes

Chickpea and chorizo stew

The camping recipe for this Spanish-inspired one-pot dinner couldn’t be much easier which makes it perfect for campfire cooking! Serve with bread on the side for a hearty meal and a green salad in the summer.

All-in-one breakfast

Breakfast, lunch or dinner! This basic camping recipe helps to save on washing up as it only uses one pan. It’s also easy to adapt to include your own favourite fry-up ingredients.


Another hearty one-pot dish on a similar theme to the chickpea and chorizo stew above – but using a classic French recipe rather than the Spanish one. Cassoulet benefits from slow cooking so is perfect for a lazy day on the campsite.

Corned beef hash

This thrifty meal is great for camping as none of the ingredients require refrigeration! Despite its simplicity it is hearty and delicious.

Anchovy, black olive and caper pasta

A great camping recipe cheat! You can prep the ingredients for this sort of pasta dish before you leave home and transport to the campsite in a Tupperware box. Again, there is no need for refrigeration so it is a great campsite meal and only takes as long as cooking the pasta.


A perfect summer lunch or light dinner, the frittata is infinitely adaptable to suit whatever vegetables are in season and, if there are leftovers, can be eaten cold.

Salmon and Mediterranean vegetables

We had to include at least one foil-package dinner here and, despite its simplicity, this meal can look pretty impressive on the plate for a sophisticated and healthy camping dinner.


Don’t let the list of ingredients for this paella recipe put you off! Paella is another recipe that can be adapted to suit the ingredients you have. Cooked with little interference in a single pan it is another perfect campsite dinner.

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