Camping meals on a budget

Like many of you out there, this year we’re trying to keep our own family holidays cheap. Camping and glamping can be a great way to refresh and get away with the family, without breaking the budget. But what about camping food? Campfire cooking doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy fillet steaks or even fancy burgers, it’s easy to keep it cheap (and delicious!) with our camping meals on a budget.

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Egg fried rice

Super easy and very tasty. All you need is:

  • rice (you can pre-cook rice, cook it at the campsite or use the pre-cooked packets)
  • eggs, we aim for one per person
  • veggies (we like to bring along a bag of frozen mixed vegetables)
  • meat/meat substitute
  • Soy sauce

This has to be one of the quickest campfire meals on a budget. Simply whisk your eggs, then fry for a few seconds whilst stiring. Add your rice and vegetables. Season with soy sauce and top with your meat or meat substitue. We like to finish ours off with some sriracha and fresh coriander. Yum!


Who doesn’t love an easy pasta meal? Cook up your favousite pasta shape in a pan over the fire and add your favourite sauce. A quick, filling camping meal on a budget.

Our top camping meals on a budget - pasta - Beech Estate Campsite

Baked potatoes

A delicious, nutritious and easy camping meal on a budget. Start these early as they do take some time in the fire. You’ll need to double wrap your spuds in foil and then pop them in the coals of your campfire. They should be good after about an hour but test them with a sharp knife. Simply cut them open and top with your favourite toppings (we like cheese and baked beans)!

Camping meals on a budget - baked potatoes - pegs and pitches


For cooler months a stew can be a great choice for budget camping meals. You can choose a cheaper cut of meat that takes a longer time to tenderise, add in your favourite root veg and some stock and leave this in the coals for a couple of hours. You’ll be delighted with yout hearty and filling meal by the time the dinner bell tolls.
Keep it even easier with this sausage and lentil stew recipe we’ve tried out. Delicious!

Camping meals on a budget - stews

Chicken Kebabs

You’ll need:

  • Chicken (thighs will be the cheaper cut and far tastier)
  • Flatbreads
  • Salad
  • Tzatziki or other dressing of choice

Simply grill the chicken over the campfire, then add to warm flatbreads with a topping of salad and tzatziki. A lovely lighter camping meal on a budget for the summer months.

Chicken kebabs - easy camping meals on a budget

Butternut Squash and Spinach Curry

We like Tesco’s recipe. Just follow the instructions but on your campfire instead! This recipe feeds four so is great for a family camping meal on a budget.


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