Best Campsites for kids

It’s difficult to say what makes the best campsites for kids as everyone has varying opinions on what makes them so great. Some families like campsites with a childrens play area. Some will only stay at a campsite with a swimming pool. Others prefer to stay in a campsite that has entertainment throughout the day for the children. Then there are those who prefer camping Pegs and Pitches style.

We believe the best campsites for children are the ones that keep it simple and take things back to basic. Natural entertainment, education and the chance for them to be outdoors.

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You won’t find slides and climbing frames at a Pegs and Pitches campsite but you will find trees for the kids to climb and plenty of fresh air. We encourage the children to play outdoors in the woodland. Teach them to build a campfire. Encourage them to build a den. Get them to find some wildlife and tell you what they’ve found. Send them on a bug hunt.

We don’t allow amplified music at our campsites and are completely off grid, so the phones, laptops and stereos will be off. Make the most of it!

Child building a campfire_Beech Estate 2019

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Whether it be learning the call of the barn owl at night, or identifying a tree from its leaf. The kids will certainly learn something from being in the woods for a weekend or more. In a poll taken by BBC Wildlife Magazine, half of youngsters aged 9 to 11 were unable to identify a daddy-long-legs, oak tree, blue tit or bluebell. Of 700 children surveyed just over half could name bluebells, 54 per cent knew what blue tits were and 45 per cent could identify an oak. Let’s get our kids out of the city for a weekend and show them what nature and wildlife is all about.

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In 2015, a YouGov survey found less than one in ten British children have access to natural areas compared to 40% of adults when they were younger. It’s such a sad statistic but it’s getting harder and harder to find wild areas to take the kids to that won’t break the bank. A staycation in Sussex with Pegs and Pitches can give you a really wild experience with your basic comforts taken care of.

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Wild Boar Wood Campsite – Glamping in West Sussex

At Wild Boar Wood Campsite in West Sussex, we have nine glamping bell tents within a magical semi-ancient woodland. The surrounding 40-acre field teems with wildlife; birds, butterflies, deer, rabbit, hedgehogs and foxes make their homes in the field, hedgerows and woodland. Close by the campsite, the River Ouse meanders through the countryside, offering delightful and scenic walks along its banks.
The peace and tranquility of the site are interrupted only by the historic and spectacular Bluebell Railway locomotives as they occasionally steam past the edge of the campsite.

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Beech Estate Campsite – Camping and glamping in East Sussex

At Beech Estate Campsite we have tent pitches and bell tents in around 600 acres of woodland. Adjacent to the campsite itself is the Estate’s meadowland area of conservation. The estate supports birds of prey such as hobby, buzzard, kestrel, sparrow hawks and barn owls. The meadows are full of orchids, ox-eye daisies, quaking grasses, bird’s foot trefoil and knapweed. As it stands 34 different species of butterfly have been identified on Beech Estate (including clouded yellows and painted ladies).

Best campsite for kids - Beech Estate Campsite in Sussex

Best Campsites for Kids

So yes, we are slightly biased on the best campsites for kids. Getting into the wild, getting dirty and playing outside is our idea of fun. If it is for you, check out our guestbook and tripadvisor reviews and it may help you decide which campsite to stay at! Get in touch for more advice, we’d love to hear from you.

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Coronavirus Update

Based on Government guidance we have opened both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites on July 4th, 2020. *** Please note any new bookings made after July 6th, 2020 until further notice, that are unable to commence due to Government guidance regarding COVID-19, will be offered credit notes for 18 months. This applies to booking made directly on our website only. ***