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What if it rains?

Camping in the rain can put a bit of a dampener on a camping holiday – but only if you let it. It’s a good idea to think of some wet weather camping activities: bring wellies and waterproofs, games and books so you can still have a great holiday even if the heavens open.

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Many instinctively reach for their iPads when the rain comes in but as there is no electricity at Beech Estate or Wild Boar Wood Campsites, once that precious battery has gone there’s no way to recharge it. Here are a few ideas that might help you if you are caught camping in the rain. Maybe you could leave the iPad at home after all…

Go for a walk

Put your wet weather gear on and go for a walk regardless! If you’ve got protection from the rain in the shape of waterproofs and boots, go out for a walk and enjoy the countryside while everyone else is sheltering inside.

Walking in the rain near Wild Boar Wood Campsite

Build a den

Head for the trees and build a den: not only does the woodland canopy give a bit of protection from the rain but by keeping moving you will stay warm. Added to that, if your den is good enough you will be able to shelter from the storm in it once it is finished!

Family camping in Sussex

Our guide to den building

Build a campfire

Get a campfire going! Grey skies can lead to grey moods but a campfire is a wonderful morale booster. Unless it is really pouring, you should still be able to get a campfire going in the rain.

Camping in the rain with campfires

A guide to building a campfire

Bring out the board games!

It’s always a good idea to take a pack of cards or a board game or two when you’re going camping and when it starts raining outside you can hunker down in the tent and get a tournament on the go. Yahtzee is a good game to take on a camping trip, can be played by all ages and packs down small.

Get out the board games when you're camping in the rain

The A-Z game

If you’ve forgotten the board games and it starts to rain – fear not there’s always I spy! But once that becomes boring why not try the A-Z game? Choose a topic, such as fruit and veg (for kids) or song titles (for adults), and then take it in turns to come up with something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. You might want to start thinking about vegetables beginning with the letter X now!

Use your imagination

A game my nieces and nephews love to play is to sit in a circle and tell a story with each person contributing a single word to build up the tale. It invariably leads to some bizarre and non-sensical tales but as there is not long between each go it keeps everyone occupied.


Don’t you always take too many books on holiday? When it rains it is the perfect time to catch up on your holiday reading. Check out this list of 50 books kids should read before they’re 12.

Rainy day reading at the campsite

Draw, paint or colour in

Whether you are a child or adult, focusing on a creative pursuit can be relaxing and absorbing. There are lots of colouring books for adults now too so if the weather is looking dubious pick one up and when you’re packing your bag. Don’t forget the pencils.

And remember the rain isn’t all bad. Without it you wouldn’t get scenes like this one – captured on camera just outside our Wild Boar Wood Campsite!

Rainbow over Wild Boar Wood

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