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Camping Games for Grown Ups

Camping games can be just as much fun as for kids or for the older generation. When you’ve told your best camping jokes, caught up with your fellow campers and run out of ideas for other camping activities, why not liven things up with some of these camping games for adults…

For more camping games and fun around the campfire, why not take a look at our guide to camping games for kids for inspiration?

Group adult camping games


Who am I?

An oldie but a goody – also known as 20 questions. The person in the hot seat first thinks of a famous person or character and then everyone else takes it in turns to ask questions. All questions can only be answered with a yes or no. The aim is to determine who the person is thinking of. Guess incorrectly and you’re out, get it right and you win.

The song game

Not as noisy as it sounds – think of a theme and then take it in turns around the campfire to come up with a song or band which contains the word or theme. For example “heaven and hell”: Heaven knows I’m miserable now, Heaven is a place on earth. You lose the round if you can’t think of one.

Make me laugh

Good for groups looking for camping games for adults and for those who don’t mind being put on the spot! Divide into two teams and for each round nominate a team member who has to try and keep a straight face while the other team does everything they can to make them laugh. Bound to make you feel better!

Famous people

Another good activity for round the campfire, when you’re sitting in a circle. One person begins the game by coming up with the name of a famous person; the person to their left has to think of someone with a first name beginning with the first letter of that person’s surname and so on around the group (e.g. Michael Jackson, Jeremy Paxman, Paula Abdul and so on). If you fail to think of one, it’s forfeit time.

Nature noughts and crosses

This one is in the kid’s list – but it’s so good, it deserves a place in this list of camping games for adults too. Set up a grid using sticks and place collected items from the woods in the boxes instead of noughts and crosses: leaves and acorns, for example. The adult version could be made more difficult by stretching it to nature connect four!

Wink murder

Another game for a group and one to be played while sitting in a circle so just right for the campfire. Can you remember the rules though? Everyone bar the nominated leader of the game closes their eyes and they walk around the circle and tap one person on the shoulder. That person is the “murderer”. Everyone is instructed to open their eyes. The murderer proceeds to “murder” their victims by winking at them – but they must try to do so without being spotted by anyone else still in the game. If you are winked out you are out. If you are still in you can only win by spotting the murdered before they wink at you.

Two truths and a lie

This one works best for a group who don’t know each other too well and is often used as an icebreaker at corporate events – but don’t let that put you off! Everyone thinks of a fact about themselves or something they have done (the stranger the better) and also comes up with two lies. Take it in turns to state your three “facts” and have everyone guess which is true.

Great camping games to bring with you

Playing games at the campsite

Bring a pack of cards and you’ll have games for hours (as long as you can remember the rules!). We also recommend Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity and any other great small packable game you can think of.  Just pop them in your bag and when the kids have gone to bed you can play around the campfire.

We’ve also got suggestions for rainy day camping activities, campfire cooking and a guide to the wildlife and birds you might spot in our campsites – all great camping activities for when you visit our woodland campsites at Wild Boar Wood or Beech Estate.

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