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Bucket showers – a how to guide

Okay, so getting clean doesn’t sound like a great camping activity – but it can be when you do it in our famous bucket showers at Beech Estate Campsite.

The bucket showers at our campsites often divide campers who come to stay with us for the first time. Some cannot wait to try them out while others refuse to give them a go. But stepping into the showers often provides the highlight of a stay for our campers and glampers. Those guests who decide to wait until they get home, for endless hot running water in their own bathroom, are missing a trick! For one thing, there’s nothing like washing away the smell of last night’s campfire to make you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. Secondly, when else will you have the opportunity to shower while listening to the sound of birds singing and looking at the tree tops of a beautiful woodland? We strongly recommend that you make use of the bucket showers at the campsite. If you have kids, they will (probably) love the experience too.

Bucket showers - eco camping in Sussexeco bucket shower at Beech Estate Campsite

What is a bucket shower?

Our bucket showers were designed to be simple structures so campers could shower (almost) in the open air. They also help to conserve water use on our eco camping sites too. They are not connected to the mains, instead, like all things at our campsites we keep it simple. Giving you that “wild” element of your camping or glamping trip. These are the type of showers that are used on safari in Africa and by workers in the Australian outback, where water is scarce. The bucket shower uses about 13 litres of water as compared to the 62 litres of an average eight-minute shower, 80 litres of an average bath or 136 litres of a power shower. Take a look at this Guardian article about water usage for more information.

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How to have a bucket shower

Take a bucket and fill it with your choice of hot or cold water, then enter the bucket shower cubicle. Some people assume that our bucket showers are just going to be pouring a bucket of water over your head. But actually our system is ever-so slightly more sophisticated than that! The buckets or bags (specially designed for showering al-fresco) are suspended above head height by a rope and pulley system. You just have to lower the bucket or canvas bag to fill it up. A shower head is attached to the bottom of the bucket with a simple tap to open and close the water flow. So you hoist your bucket up and secure it by knotting on the hook provided. Then open the water flow and enjoy your shower!

A good tip for your shower is to turn the water off while you are lathering up. This will help make sure that you have enough water to rinse it out afterwards. We provide biodegradable shower gel in our bucket showers, which is kinder to the environment.

Water sources for your bucket shower

We do have gas-fired hot water at both campsites so you can use this to fill your bucket for the shower. For extra eco points, though, you can heat water over your campfire to save on energy. At Wild Boar Wood we also have a larger wood-burning water heater which campers can use to heat their water. The on-site wardens can explain the system to campers who wish to use it.

Bucket showers are just one of the things that give our two camping and glamping sites in the woodland a “wild” element. Both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites are set in the natural environment of woodlands, are off-grid and allow campfires.

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