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Get the most out of your woodland camping experience at our woodland campsites, part 1

Everybody has a more or less clear idea of what to expect from a “campsite” but many people ask themselves what differences there are with woodland camping before they come for a stay at Wild Boar Wood or Beech Estate.

Well, for one, all our pitches are in the woods and come with a fire pit, for the real camping experience. At Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate we offer wild glamping in our furnished bell tents, Beech Estate has regular camping pitches and our well-loved faraway pitches in especially remote locations. So you can count on being surrounded by trees, enjoying evenings round a campfire and – if you have booked a bell tent – a comfortable wild glamping experience.

But there is much more to our woodland campsites! I’m a live-in warden at Beech Estate Woodland Campsite, and when Hugh asked me to write a blog I was thrilled because this gives me the opportunity to share some of the wonderful discoveries and experiences I have had since being a Warden at Eco Camp UK.

In my first few blogs I will try to answer a few questions that naturally arise when guests first come here. I hope to help you understand what it means to camp in a woodland and give you a few tips on what to look out for during your stay.

To me woodland camping most importantly means spending time outdoors in an environment that is very very alive. Trees, flowers, birds and other animals, all teem with life, day and night. Both Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate offer abundant habitat for plants and animals. But what does that mean exactly? A habitat is the natural home of an animal or a plant. Different animals and plants have different needs and so will choose the spot that suits them best. The robins and wrens that live here, for example, love to build their nests close to the ground in brambles or gorse bushes that protect them from predators (= animals that eat robins and wrens). You will often hear their loud song but they will be hidden from view in the undergrowth.

There are many possible habitats all around the campsite. The logs that border our camping pitches are perfect housing for lots of crawlers, worms and lizards. Feel free to have a look, but make sure you put the log back in its place when you have finished. By the way, the lizards love to bask (= sunbathe) on dry logs facing the sun, especially on the ramp by the compost toilets and next to the dishwashing area.

In early April and from September we often find peacock butterflies flashing their wings at us in the bags of logs we sell because they seem to like dark spaces between the logs!

So keep your eyes and ears peeled while you’re here to get the best Beech Estate Woodland Campsite experience!

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Bluebells at Campsite in Spring 2015

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