Unplugging for the weekend

Unplugging is a real buzz word these days. But what does it mean and how do we do it? In a world that is so full of technology, where we’re drawn to our phones and social media accounts, it is hard to remember a time before all of this. A time when we talked to each other at dinner time and enjoyed being in the great outdoors, without seeing it only through our screens. By no means is technology a bad thing, the world is more connected now than it has ever been. But sometimes it really is beneficial to unplug for the weekend, have some time away from technology and stop having the answers to everything at the tips of our fingers.

A weekend away in the outdoors is the perfect way to ‘unplug’ for the weekend and give yourself some much needed digital detox. Add to this the incredible benefits of camping and you’re in for a weekend retreat that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

unplugging for the weekend camping trip in Sussex

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Our tips to unplugging for the weekend

Go off grid

Staying at an off grid campsite will help. There’s no way of charging phones so you’ll have to keep it switched off. At both Pegs and Pitches Sussex Campsites, we have no power. Our wardens live here for 9 months of the year so if you need tips, come for a stay and just ask!

Out of sight out of mind

We find leaving your phone tucked away in your bag, in your tent, will help relieve the temptation to pick it up. Even picking it up to check the time can easily lead to minutes of scrolling. Keep it safe, keep it hidden!

Be distracted by wonderful things

Go on a bug hunt. Build a den. Take a walk through the countryside. Visit a local attraction. Talk with family and friends around the campfire. Cook a delicious campfire meal. Watch our favourite show – FireTV. There are so many things to keep you entertained on a camping trip and mundane tasks tend to take longer, which means less time for fingers and thumbs to be tapping away on screens.

Unplugging at Beech Estate Campsite

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Tell everyone where you’re off to before you leave

Want to do a Facebook check in? Do so before you leave the house and let everyone know where you’re off to. Tell them you’re unplugging for the weekend and they’ll more than likely think to do the same! Encourage others to turn off their phones, power down and spend a weekend in mysterious wonder.

Play games

Not on a playstation, phone or tablet. Play actual games with your friends and family. Try our list of camping games for grown ups and camping games for children. Make eye contact, laugh and play.

Take a torch

A strange one to add to the list but without a torch you’ll more than likely use your phone for light. Avoid the temptation and take a torch camping with you, it provides far better light anyway!

If you really can’t resist – turn off notifications

If you really can’t turn off your phone and unplug fully for the weekend. Put it on flight mode. You can still be contactable in an emergency but won’t be tempted by the lure of the internet. If you can’t manage this, then at least turn off all your notifications for the weekend. That little light flashing on your phone will tempt you no more!

Turn your fomo into jomo!

Yes it really is a thing. Fear of missing out (fomo) is one of the top reasons we all spend so much time glued to our phones and social accounts. Try embracing the joy of missing out (jomo)! Once you settle into it you’ll forget what everyone else is up to and be deep in enjoyment of your own experience. Better yet, when you next see your friends and family you can be excited about telling them all about your weekend, knowing that they haven’t already read about it on social media.

Adults unplugging at Beech Estate Campsite

Usually check your phone before bed?

Read a book instead when you’re unplugging for the weekend! Better yet, stare into the campfire and enjoy the crackle of the flames until it’s time to put your head down and rest. Climb into your sleeping bag and do just that. This is made a lot easier by staying in an off grid campsite as there is only natural light around you. This is proven to allow a more normal bed time and better sleep! Enjoy it.

Usually check your phone in the morning?

Keep it off, you won’t need an alarm. You’re spending the day adventuring and there is no set time for that. In all liklihood you’ll be woken by the beautiful sound of the dawn chorus and the natural light through your tent canopy. A much more natural way to awake.

We hope our tips to unplugging for a weekend help you to get a weekend of rejuvenation in and encourage you to have a digital detox. We think you’ll be suprised at how rewarding it can really be.

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