Tips for camping with kids

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first timer our tips for camping with kids should have some helpful information on how to keep the kids entertained and happy whilst on a family camping trip. We like to think we know a thing or two about camping and hope that our experience will help you enjoy camping with kids even more!

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Camping really is one of the best holidays you can take with children. Kids are happy being outside and without the distractions of TVs and tablets, you can really get some quality family time. Camping with kids doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a little bit of thought and preparation. But our handy tips for camping with kids should set you up for a great family camping trip!

Camping with kids at Beech Estate Campsite in Sussex

Camping at Beech Estate Campsite in 2021 – Lena Tsymbaluk

Do you have the right Equipment for camping with kids?

The Tent –

First things first, you’re going to have to make sure you have a good tent. Check out Country Living’s article on the best family tents of 2022 for help on deciding which one to buy. Once you have your tent, you’re going to need to make sure you can put it up! If you have space, we recommend testing this out in your garden before arriving at a campsite. If this isn’t an option, just make sure to arrive at your campsite in daylight hours. Putting up a new tent in the dark whilst camping with kids is not the best first time to try!

Better yet, before you buy a tent, why not try some glamping? At Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood campsites we have bell tents ready and set up waiting for your arrival. All you’ll need to pack is bedding as well as your food and drink. It’s a great way to try camping with the kids before buying all the kit you’ll need!

Glamping with kids in Sussex at Pegs and Pitches

A bell tent stay with the kids in 2021 – Lauren Philpott

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Sleeping Bags –

We’re a big fan of the sleeping bag. Kids love them and if you’ve bought a good quality one, there’s little chance of getting cold. Why not pop into your local outdoor store and have a chat with the experts on the best size and brand of sleeping bag. We always find the staff in Blacks to be super helpful! If you prefer, there’s no reason you can’t just bring a duvet. Just make sure you have extra blankets and layers in case you get cold.

Camping bed/mat –

When you’re camping with the kids, it’s good to be comfortable. A camping mat or airbed will add comfort as well as insulation during the night. A camp bed will get you off the ground and can make the kids feel like they’re more at home.

For all the other things you need to pack, check out our handy packing list below:

Camping with kids – the food

Food definitely needs to be planned in advance when camping with kids. We all know what picky eaters children can be so make sure you have some of their favourite meals planned! Better yet, get them involved with campfire cooking too! We’d definitely recommend factoring in a BBQ to your family camping trip, it’s an easy way to cook up a lot of food and tastes so much better cooked over fire.

Camping with kids at Beech Estate Campsite in 2021

Camping with kids at Beech Estate Campsite in 2021 – Nancy Poole

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For the first night, it can be a great idea to bring something pre-cooked to heat up over the campfire. Perhaps your favourite pasta dish, or a chilli you can pop straight in a pan on the fire. Just make sure those tummies are full and you’ll have happy kids watching the fire and enjoying the outdoors.

We all know how much snacking the kids (and adults!) like to do, particularly when on holiday. Check out our ideas for campfire snacks to keep the kids entertained and stop their tummies from grumbling. We recommend spider dogs as a great way to keep them occupied, they’re rather tasty too!

Camping with kids – the packing

Packing for a trip is never particularly fun. But trying to find things when you get to the campsite can be even more frustrating. Pack everything in clear boxes and label them for ease! You’ll be able to see what’s in each box so won’t spend hours searching for a specific toy/snack/utensil. This also means unpacking is easier when you get home. Keep everything stored together for your next family camping trip.

Get the kids involved

Camping with kids doesn’t have to be all about the parents and carers doing all the work. It can be fun for the kids to get involved too! Let them help set up the tent, knock in the tent pegs and make the inside homely. Let them set up their beds just how they like and put teddy to bed to keep him warm.

Camping with kids - cooking on the campfire at Beech Estate in East Sussex

Camping with kids – the cooking – Josh Yudkin 2019

Don’t be scared to let them help with the campfire too. Make sure they’re always supervised but teaching them proper fire safety can be fun as well as educational. They’ll need to know all about how to toast the perfect marshmallow!

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Kids doing the dishes at the campsite in Sussex

Dish duty for the kids – Dan Skinner

Doing the dishes is so much more fun when you’re camping. Get the kids involved in dish duty! It’s also a great way for them to meet other kids on the campsite too.

Pack some entertainment

We’d like to think a stay at a Pegs and Pitches Campsite will keep the kids entertained for hours. With acres of woodland to explore, dens to build, bugs to hunt and campfires to light it’s hard to imagine a child (or adult!) getting bored here. However, sometimes kids just want what they know. Pack some of their favourite books and games for these occasions. Why not bring some colouring pencils and get them to draw the local wildlife, or their perfect camping set up.

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