The Best Eco Friendly Campsites in the UK

We like to think we know a little bit about eco camping. In fact when Hugh first opened Wild Boar Wood Campsite in 2011 we were named Eco Camp! It wasn’t long after that we opened Beech Estate Campsite and we’ve been making improvements to the campsites and their eco credentials ever since.

Beech Estate Campsite, one of the best eco friendly campsites in the UK

What makes us one of the best eco friendly campsites in the UK?

Both our Sussex campsites are off grid

This means we have no mains power and rely mostly on solar power for our campsite wardens to do their jobs. For our campers this means solar lighting and campfires for heat, light, cooking and entertainment at your pitch. There really is nothing better than FireTV when you’re staying at one of the best eco friendly campsites.

Our famous Outdoor Bucket Showers

If you take a shower at a Pegs and Pitches Campsite you’ll be introducted to our outdoor bucket showers. Arguably one of the top things that makes us one of the best eco campsites in the UK. Campers often feel a little trepidation before using these but always leave converted! All you need to do is read our reviews and realise that most of them mention our famous bucket showers!

Eco friendly campsite - the bucket shower at Beech Estate Campsite

We use eco friendly products wherever we can

All washing up liquid, shampoo, shower gel etc are all provided at the campsite and are all low impact environmentally friendly products! We love the land our campsites are on and want to keep it as beautiful as it is for generations to come.

We’ve been noticed in the Media

As well as winning’s Greener Site Award in 2019, we’ve also been listed as Britains best almost wild off-grid campsites by The Guardian. We were also named as one of the Best Sustainable Campsites by the British Travel Journal.

Eco friendly campsites - Pegs and Pitches Campsites in Sussex

Our campsites are based on a philosophy of living lightly on the land, in harmony with nature

We believe the conservation of trees offers overwhelming benefits to our landscape and lives. Our forest camping philosophy is also to protect and enhance the environment. Fallen branches and decaying trees help to maintain a healthy and vibrant ecosystem which enhance your interactions with nature. We ask all campers not to collect any firewood from our forest and only to use wood supplied by us, or that you have brought either from home or from another sustainable supplier.

We encourage recycling

We provide a glass and general recycling service for our campers.

We provide local, sustainably sourced firewood

For cooking, heat and FireTV!

Campfires at eco friendly campsite in Sussex, Beech Estate

We try to minimise our impact on the environment and provide an experience based on the freedom of wild camping with the basics taken care of.


Both our eco friendly campsites are in Sussex, close to London, Brighton and the South Coast. But just in case you’re further afield or we’re already booked up, we’ve put together a list of our best eco friendly campsites in the UK.

Pete’s Field, Kent

This lovely pop-up campsite is run by former Wild Boar Wood wardens, Amy and Pete. As they’re a pop up site they have to keep things simple as everything needs to be packed away and left as it was found at the end of their season. This means no electricity, outdoor showers and campfires with gorgeous sunsets over the farmland views. This one has to be our next top pick for best eco friendlty campsites in the UK.

Karma Farm, Cambridgeshire

Situated in the idyllic east Anglican fen, this is a lovely eco friendly campsite. The guys at Karma Farm describe themselves as an original “eco-recycled campsite” made using all sorts of farm stuff, as they are a farm. Their ethos seems to have a real focus on ‘Recycle, restore, reuse, renew, return’.

Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Cornwall

With a beautiful setting on the Cornish coast, this is a great eco friendly campsite for camping or glamping. The campsite is set within 42 acres of organic farmland and as well as a campsite offers great community space for local businesses, organic growing space for local people and training and education in traditional and sustainable skills.

Birds and Bees Campsite, Suffolk

A spacious eco campsite in the heart of Suffolk’s Alde Valley. The campsite is scattered across three meadows and provides sustainable firewood for your campfires. The campsite works hard to encourage campers to live lightly on the land and leave no trace.

Wolford Wood Campsite, Gloucestershire

Set in 200 acres of woodland, this campsite has pitch and cabin accommodation. The wood is also a designated site of scientific interest (SSSI) due to the biodiversity and species variation. An interesting place to visit for a quiet and peaceful break to the connect with nature.


So that’s our opinion on the best eco friendly campsites in the UK. We hope we can find space for you at Beech Estate or Wild Boar Wood Campsites but if not, give one of these other lovely campsites a try for an eco holiday this coming year. If you do need help with booking your trip at Pegs and Pitches, just get in touch!

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