Sustainable, Eco Friendly Camping

You’ve probably always thought that camping is a great way to have an eco friendly holiday. You’re right, it is. For starters your carbon footprint is reduced dramatically without the air travel. But why not go one step further and make your camping experience as eco friendly as possible. Here’s a few tips on how to go eco friendly camping:

1. Stay local

There’s no need to travel great distances to get away from it all. Find a nearby campsite that offers a relaxing, peaceful stay and reduce the amount of car travel. Better yet, find a campsite near to public transport or ride your bike. Check out Go Compares fuel calculator and see if it’s worth it! There’s also some great tips on how to save fuel. 

campsites for sleeping under the stars - pegs and pitches camping

Both Pegs and Pitches Campsites are in Sussex, around 1-1.5 hours from London and close to the coast!

Find out more about Beech Estate Campsite
Find out more about Wild Boar Wood Campsite

2. Go off grid

Many campsites are off grid these days. For some that sounds rather scary, but ask yourself if you really need electricity when out in the wild? A good cool box will keep your food cool for a couple of days – additionally, freeze your second days food and it will defrost while keeping the milk cold. If you are worried about your gadgets running out of juice then you can always take a small power bank.  This way for £10-30 you can keep your phone charged in case of emergencies (to save power how about even turning your phone off unless you need it!). 

You can even go as far as getting a small biolite stove which also acts as a power bank – genius!

3. Use compost toilets

There seems to be a stigma around compost toilets. They’re known as dark, smelly and scary places but you may be surprised that they’re really not so bad. Our compost toilets at Beech Estate Campsite are spacious, light and provide a fantastic eco friendly alternative. Compost Toilets use less water, and less energy is used down the line at treatment plants – so they really are top eco friendly camping facilities.

Eco friendly compost toilets at Beech Estate Campsite

Our compost toilets at Beech Estate Campsite

4. Minimise car use when at the campsite

If you can’t get to the campsite by public transport or have too much to carry on a train or bus, then avoid using your car whilst on site instead. Park up, pitch up and relax. If you decide you’ve had too much chill time, go for a country walk. Many of the best eco friendly campsites are located within walking distance of some lovely country pubs. Another alternative is to go cycling, Countrybike are a fantastic company offering countryside bike hire in the Sussex area.

We reccommend The Squirrel, Netherfield Arms or White Hart near Beech Estate Campsite

5. Borrow a tent

If you’re thinking about undertaking your first eco friendly camping trip then perhaps don’t buy a tent just yet. We love camping, but it isn’t for everyone. Borrow a tent and kit from a friend to try it out first (or try Tentshare!). Or better yet, book yourself into a glamping site. Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate Campsites offer ‘wild glamping’ – all the benefits of eco camping but with your tent already set up and waiting for you.

Eco friendly camping and glamping at Beech Estate Campsite

One of our ‘wild glamping’ bell tents at Beech Estate Campsite

6. Buy Local

The majority of campsites are rural. Shop local and choose farm shops or nearby village markets. These can sometimes be a tad more expensive but the quality of produce is always fantastic. The most golden egg yokes and tender meat – plus you’re supporting small local businesses. At Beech Estate, any Friday night stays can purchase local lamb burgers (reared on the paddocks next to the campsite!). Wild Boar Wood has the benefit of being next to the High Weald Dairy with the most delicious award winning cheeses on the doorstep! 

Beech Estate Campsite Local Farm Shops and Markets

Wild Boar Wood Local Farm Shops and Markets

7. Eco friendly soaps

The soaps and shampoos that you use on campsites often run straight off into the beautiful land you’re camping on. Ditch the chemicals and use all natural, eco friendly products instead. At Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate Campsites we supply all the hand soap, shampoo, washing up soap and shower gel you’ll need – all of it eco friendly and perfect for camping.

8. Reduce your water usage

Getting outdoors and camping is a great excuse for cutting down on your water usage. Opt for eco friendly campsites with bucket showers like our Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites. As well as being a fun experience they’re also great for conserving water. The bucket shower uses about 13 litres of water as compared to the 62 litres of an average eight-minute shower, 80 litres of an average bath or 136 litres of a power shower. Plus you get to shower under the trees and kids love them – combining a great fun experience with great eco camping points!

Bucket showers - eco camping in Sussex

Learn more about our bucket showers

8. Leave no trace while camping

Take everything away with you on your eco friendly camping trip. The land should look as if it has never been touched. As well as being great for the environment and landowners, this also means the next campers will enjoy their pitch just as much as you did. Please recycle what you can for more eco camping points! 

Secluded tent pitch at Beech Estate Campsite

Finally – the big one for eco friendly camping – REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

There are so many products out there now to replace the environment damaging ones that we’re so used to. Here’s some of our favourite alternatives for your eco friendly camping trip:

Cut out the wet wipes while camping

We all know these are the easiest thing for cleaning up when camping, particularly if you’re away with the kids. But they really are one of the worst things for the environment and create massive fat-burgs. Did you know that in the UK alone we flush 9.3 million wet wipes down the drain every day? You can find lots of reusable alternatives or try these instead –

Canny Mummy Bamboo biodegradable wet wipes

Camping plates, cutlery, cups etc

Paper and plastic plates might seem like the best option but why not take something reusable and sturdier. It’s much nicer to eat with a solid plate (try enamel or bamboo options) and gives you an excuse to pop to the washing up area for some peace and quiet with just the birds for company.

Campfire porridge - bamboo bowls for eco camping

Bamboo bowls for campfire porridge – Katie Jenson

These bamboo bowls are great plastic alternative. If you really do want disposable, go for something 100% biodgradable like these.  

Eco friendly camping – reusable water containers

Gone are the times when you can just buy large plastic bottles of water and refill them when on the campsite. Even if you recycle this at the end of the trip, you’re still adding to the mass of plastic we have in the world. Buy a reusable water bottle and top this up while you’re on site. We’re fans of Chilly’s Bottles

Try Beeswax wraps when camping – cut out cling film and sandwich bags 

Whether you’ve prepped your food ahead of time or are making campsite sandwiches for your day out. Try these beeswax wraps for your food instead, or get yourself a reusable lunch box to pack things up in.

Foil alternatives

Foil is fantastic for wrapping up potatoes and lots of other delicious campfire meals. But why not try banana leaves? This all natural alternative can be used in the same way and is much better for the environment! You can get them at your local asian supermarket, or here. Try them out on your next eco friendly camping trip and let us know how you get on!


Our two off grid, eco friendly campsites are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a green camping trip. Both in beautiful woodland locations where we offer ‘wild glamping’ bell tents or spacious, secluded tent pitches. As well as our fantastic compost toilets we offer outdoor buckets showers, a fun way to shower and help save on water use too. We hope to see you in our woodlands soon!

Find out more about Beech Estate Campsite
Find out more about Wild Boar Wood Campsite

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