Spring camping – reasons why it’s the best season to camp

In the cooler months of winter we start to look forward to the next opportunity for a camping trip, and bookings are already coming in for Spring Camping. Staycations are on the rise and Beech Estate Campsite is perfectly placed for a spring camping trip. Sussex is a wonderful location that really comes alive in Spring and is not far from London, Kent and the South Coast.

Lots of people describe themselves as “fair weather campers” and shun the idea of spring camping. Sure, it’s lovely to camp in the summer when you imagine long days in warm sunshine – but this is Britain so that sunshine is never guaranteed! Why not try spring camping for your holiday this year?¬† Get out of the winter gloom and spring out into our woodlands.

Here are a few of the many great things about spring camping that might help to tempt you to try it…

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Campsites are peaceful and less busy

Isolated, secluded bell tent in Sussex campsite

You’ll never feel crowded as each pitch has its own space. But good weather and school holidays mean there are inevitably more people around in the summer. Come in spring and beat the crowds. Peaceful and quiet campsites with lots of space and just the sound of the birdsong. When everything is beginning to grow and blossom, just sit and watch as the world come to life.


Campfires at Beech Estate

Laura Mills

There is simply nothing like having a fire when you’re camping and somehow a campfire seems improved and more appreciated when the air is cooler and its warmth a necessity. When you’ve cooked your delicious campfire meal and set down for an evening of watching the fire and chatting with family and friends, a fire is an absolute must. All of our campsites allow fires, in fact they are positively encouraged with each pitch having its own firepit. Warming your toes against the heat before climbing into your sleeping bag and snuggling down is a welcome treat.

Learn how to build the perfect campfire


Spring camping in the bluebells at Sussex campsite

The English countryside is ablaze with blue in the springtime and our campsites are some of the best places to enjoy them. Bluebells flower between April and May when the sunlight has a chance to reach the forest floor before the canopy grows overhead. It’s a beautiful time to be in the woodlands and creates what we think is one of nature’s most incredible displays. Waking up to a carpet of bluebells outside your tent is enough to set you up for a day in the countryside.

Best for bluebells: Beech Estate Campsite


Spring camping in Sussex

Nature quite literally springs into life. Out in the countryside you’ll see young lambs and it’s the best time to see the birdlife at our campsites as the adults are out and about trying to find food for their babies. At each of the campsites we see young great spotted woodpeckers, families of fledgling great tits, robins and more.

Last year we even spotted a baby tawny owl at Wild Boar Wood. Check out the RSPB’s website for all the different birds you can spot around springtime.

Fewer Insects

Camping Activities for kids

Many of our campers love bugs! We even have tips on bug hunting activities for the kids. However, lots of campers are worried about insects on summer evenings. Although we don’t tend to have a problem at any time of the year – spring is noticeably quieter on the insect front so no need for that bug spray. So for the campers in your lives that are worried about creepy crawlies, see if you can tempt them on an earlier trip.

Cosy Tents

Bell tent - Cosy on the inside

Although we promote ‘wild glamping’ and ‘real camping’ and like to keep things simple, we’re not barbarians. Our glamping options at both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood campsites should keep you nice and cosy on a spring glamping stay with us. We don’t provide the bedding so this is where you come in. We fully recommend layers and snuggly blankets but we’ll keep you dry and off the floor. This is what camping is all about.

Read our advice on how to stay warm when camping

Fresh air and April showers

A rainbow at The Secret Campsite Wild Boar Wood

Cooler breezes make for fresher air and even April showers can be welcome. It brings out the glorious smell of the earth that you just don’t get when the suns been beating down for days. Preparation is key, make sure you’ve bought your wellies and rain jackets and just enjoy the sensation of the rain!

Unpredictable British Weather

Wet welly adventures on Beech Estate

Photo from Jodie Sutch

Occasionally this can work in your favour. Book a spring camping holiday to enjoy all of the above. Come prepared for rain and then if the weather turns out sunny (as it often does in spring) it’ll be the cherry on the cake! On the other hand you can feel like you’ve been cheated if you’ve planned an August break and it pours with rain. We do wish we could control the weather but unfortunately the camping gods have not given us this gift. Be prepared for any eventuality and make the most of it all.

Camping Rainy Day Activities

Spring camping leaves time to return

Spring camping at Wild Boar Wood

Most of us don’t want our holidays to end and yet another¬†great thing about spring camping holidays is that there will be time to return later in the year and do it all over again! It’s a great test run of a new site, or new tent. A great way to see if friends and family will enjoy it. When everyone leaves with muddy hands, smiling faces and the smell of woodsmoke on their clothes, you’ll be sure to return again later in the year. But book quickly as we sell out fast!

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