Campsite Compost Toilets

New design campsite compost toilets

If you’ve been to Beech Estate Campsite this year then you may have been lucky enough to experience our sparkly new campsite compost toilets. These are not just your average campsite toilet. With a design specification by us based on nine years of compost toilet experience, we have worked in collaboration with the designer and engineer Jason Thawley of Tree Tents.  We think the new compost toilets are a top of the range choice for all of your woodland camping toilet needs.

It might seem like a strange thing for us to spend our time talking about but campsite toilets are a big deal for us. We need compost toilets that are going to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and environmentally friendly. It’s not as easy as popping to your local store and buying a new compost toilet kit. These things take research, planning and a whole lot of discussion about number ones and number twos! Great compost toilets equals great camping!

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The important things about a campsite compost toilet

We’ve designed these toilets with you in mind. These compost toilets are spacious, with plenty of room for a parent and child. They are easy to clean (our wardens certainly were happy about this aspect!). No dingy, dark holes for you here, we’ve made sure there is plenty of natural light getting in. They also have fantastic ventilation (no more stinky campsite compost loos)!

Environmentally friendly

One of the best things about these new compost toilets is there are no chemicals used at all – for our ecologically friend campsite this is very important. The toilet requires no water and no electricity and are environmentally friendly. With all this in mind we think that we have finally cracked it. The perfect campsite compost toilet.

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As you can probably tell, we’re pretty happy with our new design and we really hope you are too. We also think they look pretty great too.

New compost toilets at Beech Estate Campsite

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