No Cook Camping Food

After our first ever fire ban in 2022 (due to extremely hot and dry conditions) we started to think about no cook camping food. Even if you have access to a campfire, sometimes, when you’re arriving late at your campsite or have a long day out planned, you just need something quick to eat. That’s where no cook camping food comes in! Our top list of meals and snacks to make at the campsite that require no cooking.

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No Cook Breakfasts for Camping

No Cook Camping Food

1. Cereal

It’s a super simple one! Whether you’re bringing it for the kids or adults, everyone has a favourite cereal. Just add milk and you’ve got a quick breakfast that requires no cooking.

2. Fruit

Keep it simple with a banana, apple or a fruit salad.

3. Yoghurt and Granola

An easy no cook camping breakfast that’ll keep you energised for the day. Add some fresh berries for sweetness!

4. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats will generally last for up to five days. So whether you’ve made these at home before your camping trip or make them fresh each evening, it’s a great no cook camping breakfast choice. Check out BBC Food’s recipe here.

No Cook Camping Lunches and Dinners

No Cooking camping lunches

1. Sandwiches

You can’t beat a delicious sandwich when you’re out and about. Choose your bread source – whether that’s sandwich bread or you want to opt for something more exciting like a bagel or wrap. Bring your fillings with you and within minutes you’ve got a delicious no cook meal for your camping trip.

*We recommend packing a pickle or pesto to slather onto your sandwich for added flavour!

2. Picnic

The humble sandwich takes us on to the picnic. A great meal idea if you’ve got lots of people and want variety or have different diets to cater for. Choose your favourite nibbles from the supermarket and put together a no cook feast for your camping group. We like pork pies, scotch eggs, hummus and veg sticks, fruit, crisps and a few sandwiches for good measure!

3. Pies and Pasties

Pies can be enjoyed cold or hot so why not pop to your local bakery and pick up some delicious pastry treats for your no cook camping food. Filled with meat and veggies a pie or pasty packs a punch with flavour and is super filling.

4. Salad

You can rustle up a delicious and nutritious no cook camping meal for the whole family with salad. Start with a base of leafy greens, then add extras such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onion etc. Then simply top with a protein source, this could be pre-cooked chicken, tofu, pre-boiled eggs or any of your other favourites.

*Make sure to bring a dressing as this will really jazz up your no cook camping meal

5. Charcuterie and Cheese

Who doesn’t love a dinner of cheese, crackers and cured meats?! Just picture yourselves sitting in the woods, a glass of red wine in hand and a nibble board for your no cook camping meal. It’s almost enough to make you not miss the campfire!

6. Cold Pizza

Cook up a couple of pizzas before your camping trip and enjoy them cold in the sunshine outside your tent.

If you have access to boiling water during your trip, remember to bring some instant noodles and cuppa soups too!

No Cook Camping Desserts

No Cook camping food - desserts

1. Fruit Salad

A filling, healthy and easy to make no cook camping dessert for the family.

2. Cake

Whether you’ve pre-made your own cake or popped to the local bakery or supermarket, cake can be a great afternoon snack or dessert when you have no campfire to cook on.

3. Bag of sweets

Choose your favourite sharing bag, it could be malteasers, m&ms or minstrels! Remember to share.

If you’ve exhausted all of the above but just feel like a hot meal. Check our the local pubs and restaurants near your campsite. A local pint and hot meal is sometimes all you need. You can see the local pubs to Beech Estate Campsite here. Just click here for local pubs to Wild Boar Wood Campsite.

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