How to stay warm when camping

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to some outside time, then getting outside and being too cold to enjoy yourself. This all comes down to preparation. So you want to know how to stay warm when camping? Be prepared.

Camping has so many benefits! The joy of gathering with friends and family, the deliciousness of campfire food, the fresh air and adventurous spirit that develops. But we don’t tend to feel these benefits when we can’t even feel our toes. Make like a scout and be prepared.

Our tips on how to stay warm when camping

Pack the right equipment to stay warm when camping

Pack the right equipment to stay warm when camping

Don’t wait until you’re cold to layer up

Beat Jack Frost to it and layer up BEFORE he gets here. Preventing cold is a far easier job than trying to warm yourself up. Stay warm when you’re camping by layering. You can always take layers off but it’s hard to add more once the cold has set in. Remember good thick socks and a wooly hat too.

Layer with the right clothing

Thermals are great! They’re designed to keep you warm so give them a go and you won’t regret it. Stay natural too and layer with cotton or wool clothing.

Get the right equipment

They can be pricier than the average one season sleeping bag but an all weather sleeping bag is key to staying warm when camping at night. Spend a little more and you certainly won’t regret it. Check out Get Out With The Kids article on choosing the right sleeping bag for some help.

Stay off the tent floor

If you don’t have a camping bed, or self inflating mattress then just bring something to keep you off the ground. This one is key to staying warm when you’re sleeping on your camping trip. You can keep it simple and just use roll matts or extra blankets but just make sure there is something down to stop the cold from the ground seeping into your bones as you sleep.

Take a hot water bottle

If you really are prone to the cold then stay warm when camping with a hot water bottle. Heat up your water on your camping stove or campfire and carefully pour it into you water bottle. Pop it into your sleeping bag a few minutes before your get in and it’ll be a cosy little nest to send you off to dreamland in no time.

Choose a sheltered spot

Keeping your tent pitched out of the wind can be a real help to staying warm when camping. Choose woodland campsites like Beech Estate Campsite to pitch your tent and you’ll have the trees to act as shelter from the wind. Better yet, stay in a glamping bell tent at Wild Boar Wood Campsite and the thick canvas will insulate you better than your average tent.

Stay warm when camping with a sheltered tent pitch

Light a campfire

Fire = heat. It’s that simple. Lighting one isn’t always so simple though, so check out our guide on how to light a campfire. Just make sure you book a campsite that allows them, as it really isn’t camping without a campfire.Stay warm with a campfire

Eat and drink

This sounds like a strange one but your body needs energy to stay warm. Make sure you cook yourself a hearty campfire meal and this will help keep your belly full and your fingers and toes toasty! Drinking hot drinks will also help to keep your temperature up.

Campfire Cooking Recipes

Campfire Hot Drink Recipes

Get active

Moving around, walking, playing games – these are all things that will you stay warm when camping. Get your blood pumping and go for a woodland walk. Play games in the woodland with the kids (or with the adults). Build a den or play hide and seek!


Who doesn’t like snuggling? Getting close with your significant other or kids will help distribute all of your body heat and hopefully keep everyone that little bit cosier.

Snuggling to stay warm when camping

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