How to organise a group camping holiday – aka ‘Herding Cats’

We love family groups here at Pegs and Pitches but we really do feel your pain when we hear you say ‘it’s like herding cats’. Organising a group camping or group glamping holiday can be stressful, so we’ve come up with a few tips to make it a breeze.

Families camping together are our bread and butter and we’ve put a few systems in place to make it easy. But the group organiser is the one that has to ‘herd the cats’, we try to take that pressure off and make it as easy as possible for you. Having organised many group events ourselves, we think we’ve got the process down and actually love to do it!

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So if you’re planning a group camping trip this year, read our tips below to make it as stress-free as possible!

1. Choose nice people

This is an easy one! Before you’ve even chosen your group campsite or glampsite make sure you’re inviting the people that YOU want to be there. Most group camping sites will have a set of rules that you’ll need to abide by, so inviting the class clown that likes to cause trouble wherever they go may not be a sensible choice. Don’t feel pressured into inviting people that you’re not comfortable with, go with who you trust.

group camping holidays in Sussex at Beech Estate Campsite

2. Choose the right campsite

Not all campsites will accept groups and all of them will have differing rules and regulations. Check over the terms of the site you like and always give them a call to make sure they’re happy with groups. There’s nothing worse than being told to leave a campsite halfway through a camping holiday if you’ve broken the rules. Try the search function on Cool Camping and click the filter ‘groups welcome’.

Our campsites only accept family groups and look for people who are after a back to nature experience. No amplified music (and no power!) so we’re more about relaxing with loved ones and enjoying time spent outdoors

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3. The campfire

This is a biggie for us. The absolute best thing about a group camping holiday is cooking on and then relaxing around the campfire in the evenings. Let the kids toast their marshmallows as you sit back with friends, family and a glass of wine, listening to the crackle of the flames.

Group Camping - kids toasting marshmallows

4. Make a list

Make a list or spreadsheet. This might sound like a simple step, but because of that it’s one that is often missed out. You’ll forget who you’ve invited, who has said yes and who has paid what, unless you get it all written down somewhere. This also avoids you having to scroll up through hundreds of whatsapp messages.

5. Paying for your group camping trip

Keeping track of who has paid can be a nightmare. Having to fork out the entire costs to get everyone to pay you back isn’t always doable. Choose a campsite that makes it easy for you.

Our booking system allows us to send you a booking link to share with your camping friends. Each family can book and pay for themselves via this link and it will automatically allocate you into the correct pitch or bell tents together

Better yet – we’ll keep on top of who has booked and email you with updates!

6. Extra costs

When you ask your friends and family to book onto the group camping trip get them to add on some firewood and any other extras you’ll all be using. This’ll save chasing people for money whilst on site and avoid you having to fork out for the lot.

7. Find out what’s on around the area

If you’re thinking of heading out of the campsite during your group camping break, do some research. You can pre-book country pub lunches or activities. Leaving these details until the last minute can mean everyone standing around wondering what to do. It also avoids too many people getting involved and confusing things.

We’ve done the research for you. All local attractions, activities, country pubs and things to do are listed right here on our website

Things to do

8. Plan your group camping meal

You may opt for everyone to cook their own food. Or perhaps you’ll cook up a big bbq or chilli for everyone to share. Get this organised and sort out who should bring what food and who is on cooking duty. Most importantly – assign someone to dish duty otherwise you’ll end up getting stuck with that job..

Check out our campfire recipes here

Group camping meals

9. Once the booking is confirmed

Send out the directions and any extra information about the campsite that each person will need. We recommend doing this just a week or two before the stay as people forget about it and only hound you for the information after.

We do this for you. Each family will recieve a welcome pack with directions as well as tips and hints on what to pack!

10. Sit back and relax

That’s it. Just a few simple steps to take in order to make organising your group camping or glamping holiday easy. Get in touch, we’d love to help!

Group bookings at Pegs and Pitches need to be organised via the office, just drop us an email or give us a call (01273 980218) and we will find the perfect group camping break for you!

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