Hammock camping – in a 600-acre woodland

Hammock camping fans are welcome to sling their hammocks between the trees at Beech Estate Campsite. The campsite is set within a 600-acre woodland and we have found a couple of lovely spots for hammock campers. Our dedicated hammock camping pitches are tucked in the woods, complete with good trees to position hammocks between. Our on-site wardens will point you in the right direction when you arrive at the campsite. Of course we allow our hammock and tarp campers to have an open fire – we just ask them to observe the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy. While it’s not quite wild camping, a night or two at our campsite is about as close to it as you can get. And it has the added bonus of not having to worry about the legalities of whether or not you should be there.

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Hammock camper Jon Silver setting up his hammock - photo by Sini Manner

Hammock camper Jon Silver setting up his hammock – photo by Sini Manner

How to book our hammock camping pitches

Our dedicated hammock camping pitch is set deep within the woods, with space for 3-4 hammocks to be put up in the area. You’ll of course have your own firepit but do expect a slightly longer walk from the car park and facilities. Wheelbarrows are provided to assist you. You can book the specific hammock pitch online via our website.


If availability isn’t showing, please get in touch as we also have a number of forest tent pitches that are suitable for hammocks, bivouac and tarp campers. Some of which allow you to pitch a tent alongside.  Hammockers are free to use the trees and space around the designated area in the woods as they please. We just ask campers to comply with the guidelines of our campsite license and not to damage to our woodland. We do ask these campers to leave the area they camp in as they found it and remove all rubbish.

hammock camping

The view from one of our faraway pitches

Not just for the adults

We get lots of parents bringing their children along to try out hammock camping too!

Hammock camping with campfires in Sussex


Beech Estate Campsite

The hammock pitches, like all of our pitches, have their own space between the trees. We have pitches for ‘regular’ campers who want to set up their own tents on site. And we also have some pre-erected bell tents for people who want to try our unique “wild glamping”.  There are faraway pitches for those who prefer more of their own space too. But, importantly, we do not allow cars in to the camping areas. We don’t have any “hardstanding” pitches and don’t allow caravans or campervans. Campers park up in a clearing before reaching the pitches and gear has to be carried on-site (or wheeled in using the wheelbarrows we provide). We are an off-grid campsite so there’s no electricity here. Campers are not allowed to play amplified music but we do allow, and even encourage, campfires.

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Almost wild camping for hammock campers

As it can be hard to find a hammock camping pitch on a campsite, wild camping can be a temptation. Take a look at our post on wild camping to learn more about setting up camp in the wild and the legal issues that go with it. In short, campers should always seek the permission of the landowner if they are intending to camp in England. It’s not always easy to find out who owns land. If you do manage it, you still need to track the right person down to gain permission. As a result, even the most adventurous campers often find it is easier to book into a commercial campsite for the night. We think our woodland campsite offers the perfect in between – about as close to wild camping as any campsite gets.

Photo credit: Adam Miles

Our campsite is particularly suited to campers who want to try their hammocks, tarps and bivouacs for the first time. It’s also great for those who are camping with friends or family members using traditional tents. We have hamoock camping pitches big enough to accommodate several hammocks, tents and bivvies.

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Feedback from hammock campers

Hammock camping in Sussex at Beech Estate Campsite

Photo credit: Richard Coleman

You don’t just have to take our word for it either. We’ve had some great feedback from hammock campers who stayed at our site. The first reviewer also kindly provided some of the above photographs!

“The new hammock pitch was fantastic. It’s very well hidden which is an added bonus. Will definitely be booking again. Thank you for a very pleasant stay.”

– Adrian

“The Beech Estate is a campsite without any trailers, caravans or camper vans where you can camp legally in beautiful surroundings with tarp and hammock or bivi (or indeed a tent), and a real camp fire. Ok it’s not wilderness, and there’s even mains water, but it’s a million miles away from the usual trailer park camp site…..I would thoroughly recommend this place to anyone, especially families and individuals wanting to enjoy a simpler way of camping, or explore simple bushcraft skills without stepping on anyone’s toes or doing anything illegal.”

– Jon S

“A friend and I have just had a splendid weekend here ‘Hammock camping’ (even with the horrendous storm on Friday night). As we are fairly new to this style of camping (have been tent camping for 10+ years) we wanted to try it out a few times in a more organised area (facilities, easy access to car etc)until we knew what we were doing. Trying to find a campsite that has all this, but still gives you enough space so you feel in the wilds is no mean feat, especially as most places are now booked out.”

– Moonkayak on UKCampsite.co.uk,

If you would like to come hammock camping please specify this at the time of booking your pitch.

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