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‘Glamping’ or glamorous camping has been a buzz word around the UK’s campers and campsites in recent years. Many people want to have a holiday where they can enjoy the great outdoors but don’t have their own camping equipment. Or just don’t want to have to pack up and take a lot of kit with them on their getaway. Glamping gives people the chance to do that and glamorous camping sites offer a whole range of options. At our two Sussex campsites, located in Wild Boar Wood near Haywards Heath and Beech Estate Woodland near Battle, we offer glamping with a twist. What we call “wild glamping”.

Our camping and glamping sites have bell tents on raised platforms which are carpeted and fitted with comfortable futon-style beds. We provide enamel tableware, cooking equipment, wind-up lanterns, barbecue tools, directors chairs, a handmade coffee table and even a cafetiere. This accounts for the glamorous camping part of the ‘glamping’.

But we also believe people want to enjoy the camping side of ‘glamping’ so we keep things deliberately basic and a little “wild”. Our campsites still offer a simpler way of life than you have at home. All our tents have small eco wood fired stoves outside for you to cook on and boil a kettle. Open fires pits are located next to every tent, so campers can enjoy campfire cooking and relaxing around the fire in the evenings. Our famous outdoor bucket showers are designed to encourage you to heat your water by fire first(though we do provide hot water too). Both our campsites are off grid so there’s no electricity for the luxuries and distractions of modern life. Our aim at is to put the camping back into ‘glamping’.

Glamours Camping and glamping in East Sussex


A “wild glamping” bell tent at Beech Estate Woodland Campsite

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