Eco holidays – living lightly on the land

Eco holidays – our campsite philosophy

Eco holidays with us are easy. Campers and glampers who visit us at Wild Boar Wood Campsite and Beech Estate Campsite tend to be those who share the same ethos and concern for the environment, enjoy the outdoors and nature and see the value in preserving it for our children.

Off Grid Campsites

Both of our campsites are off grid which means we have no power at all. We do have running water and a supply of hot water for our outdoor bucket showers and sinks. Our famous bucket showers are a great way of staying eco friendly on your camping trip. Above all, they use about 13 litres of water as compared to the 62 litres of an average eight-minute shower. We also have only eco friendly products for showering and washing up on site and ask you to please use these during your stay.

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Our attitude and aims are summed up in our eco camping philosophy of “living lightly on the land”. We try to live in harmony with nature and ask our campers and glampers, who have chosen eco holidays, to do so too. This means we encourage our guests to respect the woodland, observe the Countryside Code and show consideration for wildlife, our neighbours and fellow campers.Eco Holidays - forest tent pitches

Leave no trace

We ask campers and glampers to “leave no trace” when they visit our woodlands on eco holidays. It goes without saying that we expect campers and glampers not to drop litter around the campsite but we also ask that when they throw things away they think about what they are doing. We provide recycling bins at both Wild Boar Wood and Beech Estate campsites and ask that campers and glampers respect the rules. At Wild Boar Wood we also have a composting bin which can be used for raw food waste. We also ask campers not to take wood from the forest floor for their campfires. The decomposing wood provides great homes for woodland wildlife and eventually help to replenish the soil. We sell firewood on the site or you are welcome to bring your own when you come eco camping or glamping with us.

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Wildlife, flora and fauna

Our beautiful campsites are full of wildlife and local flora and fauna. We want to look after the woodlands and where possible always leave things even better than they were found. We ask all of our campers to try to have the same mentality and look after the areas they’re camping in. Give a thought to the woodland and it’s wildlife residents when you’re making your choices.

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Beech Estate Campsite

Eco holidays

The Beech Estate contains woodland areas, with forestry rides and some agricultural land. The campsite sits in a 600 acre woodland that is exclusively for our campers use. Please espect the area when travelling around the campsite and stick to paths where possible.

Caring for the woodland

Ourselves and the Beech Estate landowneers are committed to implementing a strategy of woodland regeneration and care of the Estate. The well-known forester, James Noble, was empowered by the Beech Estate to implement a woodland management program. New tree plantings and on-going forestry work are carried out around the campsite area. We ask that these sensitive young trees are not damaged or their growth hindered in any way. Additional plantings and forestry work is planned to further improve the campsite and woodland.

Wild Boar Wood

Wild Boar Wood is a five-acre semi ancient woodland enclosed by fencing. It is surrounded by Wild Boar Field, an area of 40 acres. You are free to explore this area but please respect the environment.

A strategy of woodland regeneration

Similarly to the situation with Beech Estate, we have worked with the owners of the woodland to implement a strategy of woodland regeneration. After 40-odd years of neglect, the ownership of the wood was returned to the Hardy family. The family employed forester James Noble to implement a five-year woodland management program. Students of Plumpton College carried out the initial work, in the area where the main campsite sits. In March 2012, a hedgerow was re-planted to run between Wild Boar Wood and the woodland area at the top of the field. This replaces a hedgerow removed over 40 years ago and enables a habitat link between the two areas.

Finally, when visiting our campsites and surrounding countryside, please respect the Countryside Code:

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Stick to paths
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Leave no trace of your visit
  • Plan ahead and be prepared
  • Follow advice and local signs

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Coronavirus Update

Based on Government guidance we have opened both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites on July 4th, 2020. *** Please note any new bookings made after July 6th, 2020 until further notice, that are unable to commence due to Government guidance regarding COVID-19, will be offered credit notes for 18 months. This applies to booking made directly on our website only. ***