Campsite Photo Competition 2019

We love to see pictures from our campers and glampers

It makes us feel good when we’re sat in the office to look at your adventures. We love to see the kids having fun and families enjoying their camping pitch. Or photos of couples enjoying a glass of wine around the campfire. Send us scenic shots of wildlife and nature you’ve spotted. You don’t need to be the world’s best photographer to take a picture for our campsite photo competition, just put a little bit of love into it and you could be in for a win!

Whether you have the snazziest new DSLR camera or you’re using an old phone you don’t need to be an expert. If you really want some tips then check out this blog on how to take good photos on your phone (or google the many others out there). But our advice is just get snap happy! You’ll appreciate the pictures later when looking back through your phone and we’ll appreciate every single one you send in for us.

Winning the Campsite Photo Competition

At the end of the season we’ll take a look through all the entries and the winner will win a weekend stay at the campsite at which the photo was taken. Email your entries to and see our full terms and conditions here.

Entries so far

We are SO impressed with the campsite photos that have been sent in so far. Here’s a few of them to enjoy.

Building a campfire at Beech Estate Campsite

Gemma Clark

Family camping in Sussex at Beech Estate Campsite

Katie Mason

Bluebells in the camping meadow at Beech Estate Campsite in Sussex

Rachel Buckley

Campfire at Beech Estate Campsite

Kate Rapacchi

Julia Krysiak



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