Camping Snacks and Lunch Recipes

Whether you’re after a quick camping snack or light lunch there is always something you can cook up quickly on the campfire or stove. Here are our favourite camping snacks.

Toasted Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich? Great as a camping snack or a light lunch, these take seconds to make and are far superior to the standard sandwich.


  • Bread
  • Sandwich filling

We’re happy with a campfire cheese toastie but you can add anything you like! Chorizo and tomatoes make a great accompaniment in a cheese toastie. Simple make your sandwich, remembering to butter the outside of the bread. Place these in a frying pan over your camping stove or campfire or wrap in foil and place in the coals. Remember to turn and cheesy deliciousness will be yours in just a few minutes.

Spider Dogs

This is a great camping snack for the kids. It could be a snack at any time of the day but often used to keep them occupied when the main camping meal cooks or as an after dinner snack in the evening.


  • Hot dogs (Herta Frankfurters work great)

Cut a cross into each end of your hot dog to about an inch and a half down. Pierce the middle of the hot dog with a stick and hold over the campfire. This can take some patience to get perfect and you must remember to turn. You’ll notice the ends starting to crisp up and curl up, keep with it. Eventually you’ll have a hot dog with eight limbs that somewhat resembles a spider! The best bit – eight tasty little legs to munch on! This is one of the most entertaining camping snacks to watch cook.

Pastry on a stick

Another fun camping snack that doesn’t take too long.


  • Croissant dough (or other pastry)

We use the Jus-Rol croissant pastry that you can find in the chilled section of the supermarket. Unroll these and take the individual pastries apart. Wrap the pastry around the end of a stick and hold this over the campfire, continuously turning. Eventually you’ll have a delicious campfire cooked pastry snack to munch on.

Cheese, ham and egg rolls

Similar to a toasted sandwich but with a little extra luxury, a runny egg (hopefully).


  • Ham
  • Grated Cheddar or Mozzarella
  • Egg
  • Bread roll

The first thing to do is take the top off of your roll. Scoop out some of the centre leaving a nice barrier of bread around the side. Line the centre of the roll with some ham and then crack an egg on top of this. Sprinkle over some of your favourite cheese, pop the top back on and wrap in a couple of layers of foil. Place these little camping snack packages directly into the coals with a couple of extra coals scattered on top. These shouldn’t take too long to cook and if you get it right you’ll have a tasty lunch of crusty toasted bread, and a gooey, cheesy egg centre. We’re not going to lie, this one can be a little hit and miss. Good luck!

Your favourite toasted treat

Don’t forget that just because you’re not at home with your normal kitchen equipment doesn’t mean you can’t have a ‘normal’ snack. Our favourite things to toast over the campfire are hot crossed buns, crumpets or tea cakes! Place them on a grill and turn when toasted. Lather in butter and enjoy your camping snack just as you would at home but with extra flavour and the sounds of the birds instead of the TV.

Instant Noodles

Let’s not forget the easy and classic instant noodles. Quick to cook on a fire and pleasing to most!

Camping snacks

Photo credit: Ella Curtis

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