Camping Desserts

We’re not just talking your bog standard marshmallows here. We’re serious about campfire cooking and think you should be too! Camping desserts can be super simple to make, incredibly tasty and so rewarding when you can impress your friends with your gourmet campfire skills.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a gooey marshmallow toasted over the campfire. As you can imagine we eat a lot of them here. But sometimes you want something a bit more substantial, something that feels like a dessert. Something that will cause a stir across the campsite as everyone sees what magic you’re creating.

The list is endless but here are our top camping desserts to get you started on your journey to camping dessert stardom.

Bananas with chocolate and marshmallows

We’re starting simple with an oldie. It’s such a good and tasty campfire dessert that it’s a nice easy one to start on. It also has the benefit of being mostly fruit (depending how much naughtiness you cram in) which means you can feel smug as you eat it too.

Camping dessert recipes - chocolate bananas


  • Bananas
  • Chocolate – milk, dark, white, your choice!
  • Mini marshmallows

Make a slice down the inside curve of the unpeeled banana, open this up and slot in some of your favourite chocolate and some mini marshmallows. You can place these straight on top of the grill or wrap in foil and place in the coals of the campfire. They’re ready to eat when gooey, melted and delicious. Yum!

Chocolate Orange Brownies

One of our absolute favourites, but slightly time consuming in terms of preparation. Worth every minute.


  • Oranges
  • Brownie mix (homemade or shop bought)

We use shop bought brownie mix for these as it saves on time, but if you have a favourite recipe then go for it! Slice the oranges in half, scoop out the flesh, you can keep this aside to eat or juice as you like. Refill the orange shell with brownie mix and put the halves back together. Wrap in foil and cook in the coals of the campfire. You’ll be treated to a moist, orangey brownie. We’ve also tried this with blueberry muffin mix with fantastic results!

Chocolate Cake

A super simple camping dessert recipe that will impress everyone. For this one you’ll need a Dutch oven, these are cast iron pots that are placed directly in the coals of the campfire. If you’re staying with us at Beech Estate or Wild Boar Wood Campsites you’re in luck as we hire these on site (book in advance as we have limited availability).


  • Chocolate cake mix
  • Rolos

We use a box cake mix to save time again but you can just as easily use your own recipe. Mix up all the ingredients (we add rolos for extra gooeyness) and pour the cake batter into the Dutch oven. Place the oven in the coals with a few extra coals scattered on top. Your cake will be ready in around 40 minutes, but do check on it after half an hour.

Campfire cake

Photo from Ella Curtis

Top vegan tip: use a Betty Crocker cake mix and just add a can of coke! The gas in the coke helps the cake to rise, leaving you with a deliciously light and sweet chocolate cake and no dairy used.

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

What a treat around the campfire! Camping desserts couldn’t get more exotic. We use Nigella’s recipe and cook this in a Dutch oven in the coals of the campfire. Watch out for burning.

Simply, Barbecued Pineapple

If you are looking for a simple option for your campfire dessert that is delicious and nutritious, you couldn’t get much simpler than this.


  • A fresh pineapple

Simply slice chunky fingers of pineapple and place these directly on the grill. Once these are a little charcoaled, turn and repeat on the other side. Enjoy on it’s own or add a dollop of coconut yoghurt for a ‘Pina Colada’ flavour. Have napkins at the ready for these juicy fingers.

Fruit Crumble

This is a great camping dessert option if you’re camping in Spring or Autumn when evenings are a little cooler.


  • Your choice of fruit
  • Crumble Topping

We favour foraged blackberries for this one with a couple of apples thrown in for good measure. You will need a Dutch oven for this again as it needs to cook directly in the coals of the campfire. Pour your fruit of choice into the bottom of the dutch oven, add a sprinkling of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Top with your crumble mix (we buy the pre-made stuff), pop the lid on and place in the coals. Scatter a few coals over the top to ensure the heat gets around the Dutch oven and give it around 40 minutes in the campfire.

Chocolate Fondue

All you’ll need for this is chocolate and then your favourite things to dip! We recommend marshmallows (obviously) and strawberries are a delight too! Just pop some chocolate in a pan or metal container on the grill and start dipping. Take the chocolate off once it’s fully melted or this might burn.

Chocolate fondue at the campsite, camping desserts

Photo Credit: Anna Barska

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