Best camping gift ideas

It’s coming to that time of year when we have to start thinking about what gifts to buy for our friends and family. We’re on hand to help with our list of great options for camping enthusiasts.

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We’ve been doing the camping thing for many years now and have a real passion for the outdoors. So here is our list of favourite camping gifts for outdoor lovers. This is certainly not extensive but it might help you on your way to finding the perfect gift for that outdoor enthusiast, camping buff or tent lover.

1. A good head torch

A good head torch can make such a difference to camping life. We all have torches on our phones these days but who needs another reason to get their phone out? Put it down. Leave it at home. Get a head torch and you have your hands free! We recommend Alien Scout head torches. Durable, weatherproof and shockproof.

2. A decent lighter

This might seem like a strange option. But a long bbq lighter to get in under your neatly organised kindling is a really handy tool. Or even a waterproof lighter for those rainy days. Why not make a ‘campfire lighting’ hamper gift. Package it up with some kindling, eco firelighters and a pack of marshmallows.

Camping gift vouchers - lighting the campfire

3. Flint and steel

For the more adventurous camper, forget the lighter and buy them a flint and steel set. It may take a little longer to get the fire going but makes it a whole lot more fun. We rather like the Bear Grylls knife with in built fire starter you can see here.

4. A camping gift certificate

Quite literally giving an experience instead of more stuff. A camping gift certificate means you’re giving someone that opportunity to get outside, reconnect with nature and do something they love. There are lots of gift certificates on the market, but we’re a little biased. Our Camping Gift Certificates can be used at any one of our Sussex campsites.

Camping gift card

5. Pocket bellows

A bit of a quirky camping gift for someone who has tons of camping gear already. These pocket bellows are designed to help you get the fire going just as you would when you blow on to the hot embers. The added bonus with these is that you don’t get a face full of ash. Just a few inches in length, but extending to ensure you can concentrate that blow of air just where you need it. Sans singed eyebrows.

Camping - gift vouchers for campers

Need help with lighting the campfire? We’ve got you covered. Check out our campfire lighting tips
6. Camping games

When you’ve exhausted our list of camping games for grown-ups and camping games for kids. When you can no longer watch our all time favourite FireTV or the twinkling of the stars. You need games. You truly can’t beat a good old fashioned pack of cards. Why not make them wildlife themed and see what you can spot the following day at the campsite. Pop these in a gift bag with a note saying ‘cannot wait til out next camping trip’. Smiles all around!

Camping games_Beech Estate campsite in Sussex

7. Biolite camping stove

An amazing camping gift for someone who can’t leave their gadgets at home. Not only does this stove boil water for your morning brew – it charges your phone too! This is a wood burning stove so it’s perfect for use at our campsites (just grab yourselves a bag of kindling). Just 20 minutes of charging with a strong fire gives you 60 minutes of phone time (or other USB devices). Get one from Amazon here.

Camping stove - camping gifts

8. Sustainable gift set

A great option to feel like you’ve done a good thing for the world and impress your eco friends. Global Wake Up specialise in stylish alternatives to single use cups. They’ve come up with a lovely sustainable gift set. This will give your camping friends a day pack, coffee cup, water bottle and straws for their country walk or to use around the camp.

9. A wearable sleeping bag

Now this is a favourite for having a giggle at friends walking around whilst wearing a sleeping bag. But, for that one friend who is always cold, or for that midnight trip to the loo on a chilly spring evening, it is actually very practical. The Original SLPY sleeping bag unzips at your feet and hitches up at the waist so you’re free to roam AND stay cosy.

10. Personalised camping mugs

Camping gift vouchers - camping mug of coffee at the campfire


It doesn’t feel like camping unless you have the standard camping enamel mug. Go one step further and get it personalised for your loved one. You can even get a whole family set here. They’ll be sure to think of you as they sip on their warm coffee whilst sat cosily around the campfire.

We hope whatever you decide to buy for your friends and family is loved. To give the gift of an experience and for more information on our camping gift cards click here.

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