News - Month: August 2020

Nothing much happens at our woodland campsite…

But, when it does, we like to share the secrets with you. Some of you might be interested and perhaps it will help you plan your next escape.

You will find all the news about our East Sussex camping site, as well as information about campfire cooking through to advice on the camping equipment to pack before you escape.


Camping Staycations in Sussex

Now that both Beech Estate and Wild Boar Wood Campsites are closed for the season it's time for us to take a breather and look back on what has been a bit of a strange year for everyone. A year where staycations became extremely popular.

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THERE’S A FIX FOR THAT: Guest blog post

by Heather Lodge, July 2023 Heather and her partner took up camping five years ago when in their mid-fifties in order to escape the pressures of urban life. They camp 30-40 nights a year between April-October.

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